Fitbit Blaze Fitness Watch Review

The Fitbit Blaze Fitness Watch: Should You Buy It?


  • A great deal of tracking features
  • A large, easy to read display
  • Clean, futuristic design
  • Continuous heart rate tracking, without the need of a chest strap


  • It isn’t waterproof
  • It doesn’t have a built-in GPS
  • You have to remove the watch from its frame before charging

This time we tested the Fitbit Blaze smart fitness watch. This review will help you decide whether this handy accessory suits your need… or not. We liked it, however, this doesn’t mean that the Blaze is for everyone. Let’s see why.

If you’re following the fitness tracker & accessories industry, I’m sure I don’t have to introduce Fitbit. They basically monopolized the market, due to their variety of high-quality products. Whether you’re a housewife who wants to get more fit or a hard-core fitness-goer, Fitbit probably has a product for you.

They currently have 9 products. While most of them are wristbands for everyday use (they even have a smart scale), they’ve released their second smartwatch, the Blaze. But is it smart enough?

The Design

Our first reaction when we unboxed it was something like “Damn guys, look at that, it looks amazing”. And yeah, you really can’t say anything bad about the design: it’s not overly classy, not even too sporty, but damn, the watch looks futuristic while still being as minimalistic as possible.

We’re really in love with its look.

The Blaze has an easy to read LCD display, with seemingly unbreakable gorilla glass.

Plus, if you’re the type that changes your look quite often, Fitbit has an array of different straps for all of their products, including the Blaze. The bands and the frames are very easily interchangeable.

Fitbit Blaze Fitness Watch Design

What Can It Do?

The Blaze has quite a variety of features as well. While Fitbit wristbands lack some important elements, an altimeter for example, this watch has it all – from reminders to move to heart rate tracking.

Speaking of heart rate tracking, the Blaze tracks your heart rate pretty accurately, even without a chest strap. This feature is essential for fitness enthusiasts, so this might be among its stronger selling points.

Let’s see some other features…

The Watch Knows What You’re Doing

A widely used feature of Fitbit accessories is the SmartTrack technology. It basically recognizes the type of physical activity you’re doing and starts to log it immediately. The database has dozens of sports, so even if you’re into less-known activities, the watch will most likely be able to recognize it.

Other Fitness-Related Features

The watch has a wide selection of tools to keep track of and summarize your performance.

It automatically tracks steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes and hourly activity. The best thing about them is that you don’t have to manually start these measures, the watch does all the work. Therefore, when you start running, the Blaze will start to log it, if you have the auto-track feature on.

The pre-installed Fitstar workouts however, didn’t do much on our device (we’re not sure if it’s just this one or all watches).

I almost forgot to mention the Sleep Tracking feature, which is a nice little piece of technology that analyzes how well you sleep.

Smartwatch Features

I’ll be honest with you folks: If you want a cheaper alternative to the Apple Watch, the Fitbit Blaze may not be for you.

You can set notifications to come through from your phone (iOS, Android or Windows). Not only can you get calendar notifications, text messages, and other notifications, you can even pick up phone calls.

You can also control your iPod or phone’s music with the watch.

To clarify, if you want a smartwatch that is also used for fitness tracking purposes, get the Blaze. But if you want more organizing features with a little fitness tracking, the Apple Watch might be a better choice for you.

Fitbit Blaze Fitness Watch Features

Is It Waterproof?

Sadly, most Fitbit products aren’t waterproof, including the Blaze. It is sweat and rainproof, but Fitbit doesn’t recommend hopping in the shower with the watch on.

If you’re looking for a fitness tracking gadget that you can swim in, forget the Blaze.

Battery Life & Charging

Fitbit doesn’t disappoint when it comes to battery life either.

Their website guarantees a solid 4-day (or more) battery life. They’ve kept their word, our device lasted for 4 and a half days with heavy usage.

We did however find it a bit silly that we had to remove the watch from its frame every time before charging.

Final Words

The Fitbit Blaze smart fitness watch is a solid choice for you if you wish to track your fitness performance and you also appreciate some organizing features. It looks good, is comfortable, has plenty of tracking options and it isn’t even that expensive.

We recommend it.

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