Fitness Tracker For Kids Buying Guide And Reviews

Fitness Tracker for Kids Buying Guide and Reviews

Adults are using fitness trackers in order to get in shape and lose a few pounds. However, there are increasingly more obese children who don’t feel the need to get in shape or get thinner. Parents are aware that child obesity is a real problem which will likely cause some issues in the years to come. For this reason, fitness trackers for kids are optimal for motivating children to become more active. Additionally, children activity trackers are designed in a way in which the child thinks of the exercise as a fun activity rather than a daunting task.

For the Kids

Fitness trackers for kids usually have a reward system in which the child is rewarded when they accomplish a certain goal. If the goal is not completed, there is no punishment, but the child is reminded of the reward that they missed out on by not completing the goal. This psychological system motivates the child to increase their physical activity in hopes of reaping some rewards.

Fitness trackers for kids don’t include a GPS that can tell you the child’s location. They only allow parents to keep track of the type of physical activity the child is doing, as well as how much of it.

Fitness trackers for kids come in various designs and colors and it is important to allow them to choose their preferred design. Manufacturers also advise parents to present these gadgets as a fun game, rather than a means of losing weight.

Fitness Tracker For Kids Playing

Does it help?

Research shows that children who were previously inactive have managed to increase their activity levels by up to 50% by using activity trackers. One issue the can occur is if the child’s activity is in water. For this reason, a waterproof fitness tracker is recommended to invest in.

For your convenience, we have reviewed and rated best fitness trackers for kids on the market.

Fitness Tracker For Kids Vcall I5Fitness Tracker Vcall I5

Specific features:

  • Informational screen with alarm
  • Calorie counter, step counter, distance tracker
  • Vibration reminders
  • IP65 waterproof and dustproof
  • Compatible with IOS and Android

The Vcall fitness tracker is designed for older age children, but it is also suitable for adults. It comes in different color designs to match every taste and it has some very interesting features.

Get Notices

It wakes up together with your child and shows him the time and important notifications. You can upload the notifications by using the application “Zeroner Health.” It allows your child to wake up with a set routine, allowing them to wake up with a purpose.


The basic features of a fitness tracker are all included: step counter, calorie counter, and sleep status tracker. It has never been easier to check if your child is having some problems sleeping at night.

Stay Connected

Facebook, twitter, YouTube and SMS messages are all part of the new generation. Most children these days have accounts on at least one of these sites. With the vibration reminder it will be easier for them to get notifications. No longer will there be unanswered calls or text messages; the touch screen with gesture sensor control makes sure of this.

Do Not Submerge It

The main downside is that it cannot be fully submerged in water. Nevertheless, it is waterproof enough to endure splashing and heavy rain water. It is also dustproof which means you won’t have to worry about it getting a little dirty. All in all, the Vcall has some really great features for the price, but it can not be used for swimming or other activities that would submerge it in water.


Fitness Tracker For Kids Garmin vivofit JRGarmin Vivofit JR

Specific features:

  • 1 Year battery life
  • Swim-friendly
  • Child friendly
  • Ages 4-9
  • Compatible parent mobile application

Unlike the above reviewed fitness tracker that is intended for older children, this Garmin product is manufactured for children ages 4 to 9. It is easy to put it on and it stays firmly attached so that it doesn’t get lost while playing. It fits perfectly on a child’s hand and our small users seem to enjoy wearing it.

Get Them Going

The vivofit JR is particularly designed to fit a hand of 150 millimeters. If you need a larger size, we recommend choosing the XL option. Besides being a child tough gadget, which means that it is not easily breakable, it is also parent friendly. This means that it helps in the parenting process in a fun way. The mobile application allows you to install some interesting applications which will direct your child towards completing some simple chores or activities without them even realizing it.

Is It Too Much?

Although some parents may debate that this kind of technology is a bit manipulative, it certainly does make the job of parenting a bit easier. It is for you to decide which side of the debate you are going to take. The available designs are also child friendly and they will certainly consider it a valuable possession of theirs. This kind of technical gadget is considered a parental virtual and personal assistant. The application even allows the whole family to be included in completing a certain task or a challenge. What could be more fun and bonding than that?


Even though the fitness tracker for kids market is still a pretty untapped area, these two suggestions certainly have tried their best to provide the best for our children. Companies like this are helping with the global problem of child obesity without making our children feel guilty. The first choice is a great one if you want matching parent child fitness trackers and the second one would make your child happy with just the design; the features would come as an addition. We are positive that by reading this buying guide you will be able to make the right choice for you and your child.

However if you have any additional questions or doubts or you would like to share some similar product experience, you are welcome to leave us a comment in the comment section bellow.

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