Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band Review

The Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band: It’s Worth Every Penny


  • A year long battery life
  • Waterproof, lightweight design
  • A wide array of activity tracking features


  • No backlight for the display
  • No built-in altimeter
  • A heart rate tracker isn’t included

Garmin is a US-based company from Olathe, Kansas. They are known for their highly effective, user-friendly and economical products.

The Vivofit isn’t an exception to this rule, either. Frankly, we were afraid of its low price at first, but in the end, we were all positively surprised.

Let’s see its advantages and flaws.

The First Impression: The Design

We got a black one and at first, we all were like “Meh, nothing special, a simple black wristband”.

But wrap your brain around it a bit: Why would you want to wear an ornate, maybe even heavy wristband on your daily jogging routine?

The Vivofit consists of 2 parts: The band and the actual device, the tracker. The strap is made of plastic, and it’s pretty comfortable to wear. It wraps tightly around your wrist, so it won’t fall off during intense physical activities.

The straps are interchangeable, so if you want alternate colors, the opportunity is there. There are several different colors available. We went with a black one, though.

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band Colors

Garmin ships the trackers with two extra straps, the same color, but different sizes.

The display is a basic half an inch wide, and two inches long, two-color (gold and red)  LCD display. Sadly, with no backlight. However, it’s easy to read, both in dark and daylight. Again, nothing too fancy.

The simplistic, lightweight design of the Vivofit may appeal to many, we liked it.

But Why Are We Positively Surprised?

Well, because we think that simplicity is key. And when simplicity pairs with accurate tracking, outstanding battery life, and user friendliness, it’s not surprising that we’ve found it to our liking.

But let’s move on to its features.

Activity Tracking

The Vivofit has everything a fitness tracker needs: it counts steps, calories burnt, distance traveled, active minutes and the accurate time of day.

It can be also paired with a heart rate monitor – not provided by Garmin, though.

Like many other fitness tracker gadgets, this one also features an auto activity detection system.

To activate it, you have to connect your tracker to Garmin Connect – a phone or desktop app – first. When it’s set up, it will automatically detect your chosen form of physical activity and will start to log it.

Then you can easily view and analyze your data in more detail on your phone app.

Time To Move

Again, this one’s also a widely used feature among fitness trackers. Vivofit tracks every kind of movement and that includes inactivity.

A red bar will appear on the display and a quiet alert sound will play after about one hour of inactivity. It will turn off after you’ve taken a short walk.

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band Time To Move

While some may find this feature annoying, it can be useful for people who easily lose the track of time.

Finally, a Waterproof Fitness tracker

While many activity trackers are sweat and rain proof, few of them are completely waterproof. Garmin eliminates this problem by making the Vivofit water resistant up to 164 feet/50 meters.

With most of the competitor company’s products on your wrist, it’s not even advised to go in the shower with them on, so this is a nice little addition.

What Do We Mean By “Outstanding Battery Life”

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band BatteriesGarmin advertises the Vivofit as a fitness tracker with outstanding battery life. And by outstanding, they mean around operating for 1 year with a single battery. Yeah, it works with common 1632 batteries that every watch in the world uses.

Now, of course, we didn’t wait one year to write this review. We haven’t heard about a wristwatch which batteries had to be changed in 4 weeks, either.

Using coin batteries nowadays might sound obsolete. However, Garmin has eliminated the need to charge the device every 2-3 days, which is great for a tracker that’s constantly on your wrist.

So, Should You Buy It or Not?

Garmin offers a bargain with the Vivofit, considering its low price of $54.50 on

The Garmin Vivofit fitness band is a great choice if you’re just looking to hop into the world of fitness trackers. It does everything a gadget like this needs to do, without any particularly bothering downsides.

We liked, and also highly recommend it.

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