Polar A360 Fitness Tracker Review

The Polar A360 Fitness Tracker: A Short Review


  • Simple, lightweight design
  • Accurate heart rate tracking – without the need of a chest strap
  • Decent battery life
  • Basic smartwatch features
  • Waterproof


  • It doesn’t have an altimeter
  • More pricey than some other wristband trackers out there

Polar is a well-known brand in the world of fitness tracking devices and smartwatches. The Finnish company’s heart rate monitors and watches are known globally both for their durability and accuracy. We’ve tested their A360 fitness tracker. It’s basically a fitness tracking wristband with some basic smartwatch features. The wristband is Polar’s first tracker that includes a touchscreen display.

The A360 does everything that the competition’s (looking at you Fitbit and Garmin) products do, with some nice additions like wrist-based heart rate monitoring.

It’s a bit pricey, though. You can get yourself one for $199 on Polar’s website, however, you may find it cheaper on amazon.com. The lowest price we’ve seen was $142, which is still considered as an upper-tier price category among fitness trackers.

Anyways, let’s see what the A360 has in store for us.

Keeping It Simple

At first glance, the A360 looks like an ordinary fitness tracker. Same at second glance. The chances of you standing out of the crowd with this wristband are pretty close to zero, to be frank.

The Polar A360 Fitness Tracker is the definition of simplicity: a plain silicon band with the tracker in it. It has this rugged, durable style of smart fitness watches.Polar A360 Fitness Tracker Review Watch

The bands come in several different colors. Speaking of this, the tracker is easily removable from the band in a matter of seconds. Plus, polar gives you two extra bands in different sizes, just to make sure you don’t mess up the sizing.

Thanks to silicon, the band is comfortable to wear and wraps tight around your wrists. We don’t think it’ll ever fall off during your training sessions.

The tracker was also designed in a puritan way: It has a 1.1-inch, 80×160 pixel LCD touchscreen, with a silver Polar logo on the top of it. There’s a small button with limited functionality at the bottom left corner of the device. Like many other fitness bands, the A360’s display lights up when you do a little shake with your wrist.

Overall, the A360’s lightweight, not too bulky design might appeal to any gym goer or sportsperson. We don’t recommend wearing it to a fancy party, though.

The Capabilities of the Polar A360 Fitness Tracker

In terms of features, it doesn’t stand out in the crowd. it has all the basic tracking functions that every other fitness band on the market has:

  • Automatically tracks your workouts
  • Counts the steps taken and the distance traveled
  • Measures the calories burned
  • Tracks the quality of your sleep

Polar A360 Fitness Tracker Review FrontThese are all fairly basic, yet useful tools. One great feature of the A360 is the wrist-based heart tracking. It’s pretty accurate, despite not requiring a chest strap to work. For more accurate HR tracking, however, you can sync it with chest strap HRM.

Oh, and of course, Polar has it’s own mobile application, called Polar Flow, which enables syncing and analyzing your workouts with your phone. To be honest, it doesn’t know more than any other brand’s app. It does what it has to do. And the syncing is simple, too: any non-tech guy could do it easily.

As mentioned, the A360 has the basic smartwatch feature of receiving notifications from your iOS or Android mobile. But don’t expect anything more: you can’t reply to messages or pick up phone calls. It isn’t a smartwatch. All in all, we think it’s a nice little addition to a wristband.

Water Resistance

The A360 is not only sweat and rain-proof, it’s fully waterproof up to 30 meters/100 feet. So, it might be a good choice for you if you want to wear it in the shower or go swimming with it.

One of our colleagues took the A360 for a swim in the local swimming pool. It’s still working, so we guess it’s a fair claim.

An Excellent Battery Life

The tracker has a decent battery life, which can easily last around 2 weeks if you’re not tracking everything at the same time.

It’s charged with an included micro USB port, which makes replacements simple and convenient. Some other manufacturers – Fitbit, for example – released almost all of their products with different charging ports.

Conclusion: The Band Does What’s On The Box

Polar A360 Fitness Tracker Review Band

In conclusion, the Polar A360 fitness tracker is a great gadget for keeping track of your workouts. Don’t expect wonders, though: in the flooded market of activity trackers, it’s not easy to stand out. The A360 doesn’t do things better than other trackers, but its smartwatch features and heart rate tracking without a chest strap could be the main selling points of it.

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